Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary
How does your garden grow?

With great finds from Encore Resales of course!
Encore may not have what it takes to actually make your garden GROW. 
But you will certainly find what it takes to help make it beautiful and to give it your own signature style.

If you are a gardener you know how important it is to have your tools handy.  Try placing this mailbox in your garden and keep your tools where you need them.  At the same time you'll be adding a little whimsy.
If you like whimsy in the garden, try this. Paint this bicycle a bright color or leave it in its awesome patina state. 
(You know patina is a fancy word for rusty, but doesn't it  just sound so much better?)
If you like a little more traditional or structured look we can help with that also.  Adding pottery to your garden, patio or pool side adds an elegant feel.  With some of the large pottery we offer you can create an "old world" look in your garden. via pinterest
Beauty doesn't have to come in a LARGE package. 
An old flour sifter makes a perfect pot for a small container garden.  No need to add drainage holes!
via pinterest
Candlelight and flowers can add a special touch to any occasion.  From a wedding to an evening of sitting in your garden enjoying all your hard work.  Use birdcages and lanterns.  Both allow you to sit your arrangement on a table or hang several together. 
BONUS:  the glass in the lantern will protect the candle flame from the wind!
Need a place to sit and a table to place your ice tea or lemonade down?
(A birdcage or lantern would look nice here too.) 
These beauties are ready to fill that need. 

See something you like? 
Write down the vendor number or print the picture and take it to Encore Resales. 
The staff will be happy to assist you.
(Note:  the pictures without vendor numbers were taken from different web sites in order to give you an idea of how to use what you find.  The sources are below each picture.)

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