Wednesday, May 2, 2012

$20 or less

Whether you need a gift for someone special or want something special for yourself you can find it at Encore.

We searched the store over and found 20 stylish items you are sure to love.  
Here's the best part
they are all $20 or less!

You'll find:

 Blasts from the Past

Pretties Under Glass

Pretty Painted Glass

Worldly Items

Something Fishy

Nope not a Fish

Step Ladder - NO! - Display

Pure Sweetness

Vintage Goodness

A Few Instant Ancestors
The Domino Effect

Numbered Storage

and the Lovely Scent of Dried French Lavender

Saw something you liked? 

Print the picture or write down the vendor number
and take it to Encore Resales.  The staff will be happy to show you where to find your treasure.

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